The past two and a half years have been an amazing opportunity to connect with our fiber community around the world. Our journey through Fern Fiber has opened doors to new friendships and possibilities. We are so thankful for what you have brought to us, and for the desire to create beautiful yarns for you. We appreciate your support and love more than you will know. Fern Fiber is officially closed.

Maria & Nikki

At Fern Fiber we believe in small farms and sustainable fiber. We strive to dye wool that is ecologically raised and processed without the use of harsh chemicals. We support our local community and work closely with fiber and flower farmers, mushroom gatherers, and local companies of the Appalachian Mountains. If we are not gathering materials ourselves from our local forests and gardens, we are getting to know the people who are.

In the majestic mountains we call home, ferns grow abundantly in the forests and along sparkling woodland streams. In spring, as the ferns unfurl, tiny new green growth appears. These new leaves represent rebirth, abundance, and connection to the earth. As we gather local herbs, flowers, mushrooms, and barks we think of this earth connection and the way it is portrayed and painted in our yarns. We began our journey as gardeners and herbalists, aligned to the changing seasons and cycles of nature. We delight in using this knowledge of the natural world in our fiber and art.