Our Yarns

Blue Ridge Mountains Local Yarn

Our focus is on yarns grown, spun, and dyed in the Blue Ridge Mountains that we call home. Our local yarns change by the animal, farmer, and season. We get to know the farmers in our area and purchase fleece directly from them, often taking part in the shearing. We have these fleeces spun at one of the family mills in our mountains and then generally dye these yarns with our locally grown and harvested plant dyes. These yarns are unique! They carry with them a grand story of their creation from fleece and farmer to their final recipient. You not only get to know a bit about the dye plants that were used on your yarns, and the farms where the fleeces came from, but often you will even know the name of the sheep or alpaca that produced your yarn.

Our beautiful local yarns are not always available. When the shearing is done and the yarns have been dyed and sold, we may have to wait until the next shearing season for more fleece. So, we also carry 5 commercial bases in our store. These bases, in line with our belief in living a gentler, more sustainable life, are all non-superwash and gently produced.

Non-Local Yarn

Sky - Fingering Weight

Imagine a meadow mountaintop where the Earth meets the sky. There is a beautiful place in our mountains called Max Patch. An incredible meadow, expanding in earth and sky as far as the eye can see. It has a magnificent 360-degree view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in every direction. The meadow is full of medicinal wildflowers and grasses waving in the wind like ocean waves. It is truly a magical experience invoking solitude, explorations and dreaming. Our Sky base is lustrous and velvety.

Blend: 50/50 blend of Merino/Silk
Volume: 438 yards/100 g
Needle: US #1 - 3/2.25 - 3.25 mm
Gauge: 28 - 32 sts/4"

Seven Sisters - Fingering Weight

The Seven Sisters are a series of mountains found in the Blue Ridge Mountains close to our homes. Their seven forested peaks ascend south of their father mountain, know as Graybeard. We like to think of the full moon coming up over the Seven Sisters as their mountain tops reach for the stars. In the cosmos they are known as a cluster of magical blue stars, The Pleiades, which glitter and shimmer brightly forming a portal into another world. Our Seven Sisters base is gorgeously soft with a luminous halo and a beautiful drape.

Blend: 50/25/25 blend of Alpaca/Silk/Linen
Volume: 438 yards/100 g
Needle: US #1 - 3/2.25 - 3.25 mm
Gauge: 28 - 32 sts/4”

Mountain Lights - DK Weight

Lying low in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Brown Mountain Lights have intrigued visitors for hundreds of years. During the dark hours of the night, looking across at Brown Mountain, you may have the opportunity to see lights off in the distance, sometimes so many of them you will lose count. A drifting light here, a bright flashing then slowly fading light over there, the lights never seem to stay the same in intensity, location, or color. Many myths and legends surround these mysterious lights dating back to the 13th century and no scientific theories have yet been proven as to why or how they exist. Named after these mysterious Brown Mountain Lights, our Mountain Lights sparkle base is magical, wondrous, and playful.

Blend: 75/20/5 blend of Merino/Silk/Stellina
Volume: 231 yards/100 g
Needle: US #6 - 7/4 - 4.5 mm
Gauge: 21 - 24 sts/4"

Roan - Hefty DK Weight

Roan Mountain ridge is a vision of color in the late spring when long stretches of grassy balds and magnificent rhododendron flower gardens cover the mountain sides. It is a glorious place for hiking with friends and family picnics. Our Roan base is comfy and squishy.

Blend: 100% US grown Merino
Volume: 260 yards/100 g
Needle: US #6 - 7/3.75 - 4 mm
Gauge: 21 - 24 sts/4"

Balsam - Worsted Weight

Full of magic and medicine, the Black Balsam area abounds with flower filled meadows, playful swimming holes and waterfalls, emerald Spruce/Fir woods, and wide open expanses. Black Balsam holds a special place in our hearts. Our Balsam base is a lofty and soft.

Blend: 100% Merino
Volume: 218 yards/100 g
Needle: US #7 - 9/4.5 - 5.5 mm
Gauge: 16-20 sts/4"

Handspun Yarn

Along with dyeing, we also love to spin yarn. Occasionally you can find some of our handspun yarn in our store.