Knitwear Designs

We love to see new designs created with Fern Fiber yarn. Here you'll find some of those lovely designs as well as creations by the Fern Fiber ladies.


By Christina Danaee

Silvermine is worked top-down and separated into sections by garter rows. Silvermine was designed featuring smaller, more delicate bobbles.


By Jennifer Kelley

Waterrock is a slightly cropped top that can either be worn as a layering piece, or alone as a summer top. Featuring lots of texture, and a split hem, it’s sure to be a staple in your wardrobe.


By Annie Rowden

Worked in sections of straight forward Stockinette Stitch and double yarn overs, Bahaal uses the Fibonacci Sequence - a sequence found over and over again in nature and extremely pleasing to the eye. The result is a healthy sized shawl with clean and orderly texture that hugs the shoulders as it hangs.

Fleece Flight

By Maria Muscarella

Fleece Flight (noun): A grouping of similar weight yarns used for sampling their fleecy fabulousness

Throughout the world, there are over 1,000 distinct breeds of sheep, yet many of us are only exposed to a few of the most common in our everyday knitting. Fleece Flight is a wonderful way to branch out and experience some of those rare yarns you have been missing. Built through short row, garter stitch triangles, this small, medium, or large shawl uses Heritage Sheep yarns from small farms. All proceeds raised from the sale of this pattern go to support The Livestock Conservancy.

Sacred Geometry

By Maria Muscarella

An asymmetrical, fractal design with lace-work leaves, based on the Tree of Life.


By Camille Rosselle

A cozy top down pullover inspired by a painting of the wheat harvest. Published in Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 18, Autumn 2016.

Sizzle Pop

By Lesley Ann Robinson

Satisfy your brioche cravings with Sizzle Pop. Two shawl patterns in one, both with an all-over chevron lace detail, knit using the two-color brioche stitch!


By Chelsea Berkompas

Forage is an asymmetrical shawl with lace, garter stitch, and a fluttering picot edging. Simple enough to allow enjoyment of your yarn but sophisticated enough to keep your interest.

Farm Slippers

By Andrea Mowry

Comfy mukluk style slippers with sizes for the whole family. Perfect to keep your feet warm and cozy.


By Maria Muscarella

An elegant Faroese style shawl knit from the top down. It is knit in garter stitch and contains a brioche center panel making it reversible. The wings have shoulder shaping, and a lace pattern reminiscent of scales/feathers.

Spark Shawl

By Maria Muscarella

A quick and easy shawl knit highlighted with delicate stars and a colorful contrast border.

Polka Dance

By Maria Muscarella

A fun, fast knit cowl that incorporates seed stitch and color changes to create an eye-catching, textured cowl.

Autumn Pond

By Nailya Plaskey

Nailya's inspiration for this shawl came from a vision of autumn leaves overlapping over a pond water. This asymmetric triangular shawl starts with a single leaf and increases into a body of leaves drooping over the water.

Rosemary Mitts

By Annie Rowden

Simple, striped fingerless mitts with tons of character. They knit up quick and are so comfy to wear. And with five sizes to choose from every member of the family is covered!


By Maria Muscarella

Phluffle is a warm and squishy cowl that knits up wonderfully with your favorite chunky hand spun or art yarn. Fun to knit and simple enough to show off your fabulous yarn.

Sulka Mitts

By Caitlin Hunter

These rustic, homespun mitts are perfect accessory for chilly mornings at the campfire. The feather design is based on a stitch pattern found on one of the oldest pieces of nalbinding (an early predecessor of knitting) ever found. Imagine women of an ancient era creating the same stitch as you knit these gloves, and feel the thread of history binding us together.

Rocky Broad Mitts

By Elizabeth Helmich

Bold cabled patterns that go fast and keep your interest throughout. Functional buttons keep the cuff closed once you put the mitts on.